Skinnersville Scraps

Roanoke Beacon – 13 Jan 1899
Skinnersville Scraps (Jan 10)
  • Mr. Will CAHOON is at home from Gilmerton
  • Mr. Thomas MARRINER has moved to near Mackeys Ferry
  • Mr. Sam DAVENPORT and family have moved into our midst
  • Miss Fannie FOLEY spent a few days with relatives near Creswell
  • Mr.  Asa SNELL and family have moved to the the house of Mrs. NORMAN
  • Miss Queenie BRASWELL has returned to her home in Concord, N.C.
  • Mr. N.W. TARKENTON has accepted a position on the steamer Arm and Hammer
  • Mr. Johnny LEARY returned to Snowden after spending the holidays with his family
  • Miss Maggie SNELL of Scuppernong, was the guest of Mr. Mack SNELL’s family last week
  • Mr. W.D. ELLIOTT, who has a position in Newark, N.J. is at home visiting his parents
  • Mrs.  Mollie BROOKS, from Bath, was in our midst last week.  Her presence was a welcome surprise
  • Miss Hattie LUCAS leaves for Portsmouth, Va., where she will spend some time with her brother’s family
  • Miss Ellen M. NORMAN is visiting friends.  She and her mother will make their future home in Ayden, N.C.
  • Mr. Willie BLOUNT and family spent Old Xmas with his mother,  Mrs. N.J. HASSELL, returning home Monday.
  • Rev. D.A. BRASWELL filled his regular appointment at Rehobeth church Sunday morning.  He also preached at the school house on Holly Neck this afternoon. 
  • Mr. Raleigh Swain and family have moved to near Skinnersville office.  He has opened a work shop at Mr. George Wiley’s store, which will be quite a convenience to the community. 
  • The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. E.R. SPRUILL died at their house the night of the 3rd.  One sweet flower has drooped and laded, One sweet infant’s voice has fled; One fair brow the grave has shaded, One sweet darling now is dead. 

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