Commissioner’s Proceedings – 13 Jan 1899

Roanoke Beacon – 13 Jan 1899

At a special meeting of the Board of Commissioners of Washington county held January 2nd, the following preceedings were had:

P L PHELPS was appointed Surveyor to survey and plot a tract of land entered by J W PATRICK

It was ordered that Haywood GARDNER and L C MARRINER be allowed to list their taxes with the Sheriff and be released of double tax

It was ordered that the following persons be released of taxes for reasons: J M ALEXANDER, <…>;  Arthur BARDEN Estate wrongfully listed; Daniel W. CLIFTON, wrongfully listed

Ordered that the following persons be granted licesnes to retail spirituous liquors in quantities of five gallons or less:  

  • Plymouth township — A.C. GARRETT, L.S. LANDING, and L.B. BOWEN 
  • Lee’s Mills Township – L J PECOCK and Friley CHESSON
  • Skinnersville Township – Warren SEXTON
  • Scuppernong Township – G.D. SWAIN and C.C. DECORMIS

CHESSON, SEXON, and SWAIN were notified to appear before the Board on the 1st Monday in Feburary next to answer charges, show cause, etc.

Rogust P. BARNES, Constable elect, of Lee’s Mills Township, presented his bond in the sum of $500, with N.B. MIZELL as surety, which was approved, ordered recorded and filed. 

J M ARPS having been appointed Standard Keeper at a previous meeting presented his bond in the sum of $200, which was approved, ordered, recorded and filed. 

Claims amounting to $109.45 were allowed as follows:

  • W C HASSELL, supplies for poor house, jail, etc., $30
  • F M BUNCH, assistant warden to the poor for one month, $1
  • D O BRINKLEY one ton of coal delivered to te Court ouse, $6.30
  • J A HARRISON keeper of the poor house 1 month, making garments, $9.58
  • G W WHITE one cotton furnished for pauper at poor house, $4.00
  • W.H. HOWCUTT one day as Co. Commissioner and mileage, $2.27
  • Rufus SWAIN one day as Commissioner and warden to ppor, $15.20
  • Jno. L. PHELPS feeding jail prisoners and turn keys, $31.40
  • W R STEELEY Register of election in Skinnersville Township, $3.25
  • Jno J. ROWE Judge of election in Creswell Precinct, $3.00
  • J.W. ALDRIDGE Sheriff Pamlico county expense keeping J. RUFFIN, $3.35

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