Groves Tonic

I’ve been looking at this ad in the paper for many, many, issues.  Some how, I’m not so sure it would be so popular in these days.  It seems the tagline for Groves Chill Tonic was that it “makes children fat as pigs.”  The ad is illustrated with a pig with a child’s head?

I love Googling for extra information, and I learned that the tonic was invented by Edwin Wiley Grove (1850-1927) in Paris, Tennessee , a city only 2 hours away from me here in Nashville.  The tonic apparently had quinine in it.  There is a high school in Paris that he endowed, that has many facts about him.  One of the facts I read was that he worked in the shop of the battlefield surgeon of Nathan Bedford Forrest.  Interstingly enough, I have recently been reading about Forrest, so that name was not new to me.

Grove would settle in Asheville, North Carolina, a place I love to visit primarily for the Biltmore Estate, and he had a residence there that still exists as Grove Park Inn.

Next time I go to Asheville, I had thought about staying at the Biltmore Inn, but maybe I’ll check out Grove Park instead.


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