Pastors Moving Around

I am learning as I read through the papers, that pastors back in the day, apparently moved around a lot! In late 1898, a conference was held to determine where various preachers would end up preaching for the upcoming year.

As reported in the December 2, 1898 issue, here were the assignments from that year’s conference:

  • R.C. Braman – Elizabeth City Station
  • C.R. Taylor – Pasquotank Circuit
  • A.J. Parker – Camden Circuit
  • J.Y. Olds – South Camden Circuit
  • J.H.M. Giles – Curriteck Circuit
  • C.W. Robins – North Gates Circuit
  • F.B. McCall – Gates Circuit
  • W.C. Merritt – Perquimons Circuit
  • J.A. Hornaday – Hertford Station
  • R.H. Willis – Edenton Station
  • M.T. Plyler – Plymouth Station
  • E.H. Davis – Roper Station
  • G.D. Moses – Columbia Circuit
  • W.Y. Everett – Dare Circuit
  • J.J. Barker – Roanoke Island Circuit
  • J.W. Gurganeons – Kitty Hawk Circuit

Remember: the information posted to his blog is only a piece of the picture. Be sure to check the Roanoke Beacon Index website.


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