Township Tuesday – Skinnersville (7 Oct 1898)

Newspapers often reported news by townships, a practice still in use today to reflect the various news of area communities. Township Tuesday posts will share news specific to a township of local relevance. Additionally, a few days later, I will elaborate on specific persons or people mentioned in the Township Tuesday post with some genealogical tidbits.

Roanoke Beacon
Skinnersville Scraps
7 Oct 1898

  • Several of our fisherman are preparing for fall fishing.
  • Several of our people attended services at Roper Sunday.
  • Mess. J.B. WHITE and Noah TARKENTON made a flying trip to Edenton last week.
  • Mrs. Susan TARKENTON, of near Creswell, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Thos. MARRINER.
  • Mrs. Alice ALEXANDER returned to her home in Columbia week before last. Her stay was so pleasant we greatly miss her.
  • Mrs. Geo. WILEY made a short trip to Newport News week before last, where she went with her daughter Mary, to the seminary, where she will attend school.

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