Obituary – C W Swain

Roanoke Beacon
15 Jul 1898
pg. 3

Mr. C.W. Swain, one of Washington county’s most highly esteemed citizens, departed this life at his home, six miles from Plymouth at 11 o’clock on Monday last. Mr. Swain was in his 77th year and had been a great sufferer. He leaves a wife, several children and a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn his departure, to all of whom we extend deepest sympathy. The remains were interred in the family burying ground on Tuesday, Rev. D.W. Davis officiating.

Jan 17, 2008 – someone posted to the Washington County board on Ancestry wondering who this was, so I did a little research. They wanted to know if this was the obit for Cleophus Swain. After seeing the post, I went online to do some searching and came up with the following information:

These posts from different individuals provide some information for a Cleophus Wiley Swain and the birth year matches what would have been the birth year (or close) of the C W Swain in this obituary.

I also went to the census records, starting with 1880 and there is a C W Swain listed as family #223 in Lees Mills, age 59 (right age), with wife Ann and kids Peter (17), Sarah (14) and Cleophus (12).

Then, in 1870, there is a C W Swain (age 50 (right age) in Plymouth, pg. 5 and family #9 with wife Ann, and kids Rhufus (18), Ann(18), John (16), Pinney? (14), Laura (12), Peter (9), Sarah (5) and C W (3 year old male), This family cluster matches that of 1880 above.

Then, in 1860 in Tyrell County on pg. 77, family #566 there is a 39 year old Cleophus W. Swain (age 39 – again, right age), with wife Ann (33), and also in household Joseph (13), Edward (11), Rufus (9), Ann (8), John (5), Alphinia (4), Laura (2), and Hezekiah G (3 months) — again, the family cluster matches with a few extra kids 🙂

1850 Census — Tyrrell County (see family #2 – Cleophus W. Swain (age 29 — again, right age) with Ann (22), Joseph (4), John (2), Edward (1) — this too is probably the family. Looks like either John’s age is wrong here or in 1860, or, they had two sons named John and possibly one died?

So, I’m beginning to think this obituary is indeed for Cleophus W. Swain Sr.


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