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Creswell Letter – 3 Jan 1890

Creswell Letter
January 3, 1890
Pg. 2

Editor Roanoke Beacon;
Dear Sir – Christmas came and passed off very quietly.

  • The young people have been enjoying the holidays hugely. They had a party at the residence of Mr. Johnson Spruill, 2 1/3 miles from town on Monday night 23, next, another at the residence of Capt. Cahoon in town, on Xmas night, and on Thursday night 26, inst. the grandest party of the season was given by Mr. A. G. Walker of our place, to his children. While it was a children’s party, yet quite a number of the children were grown, and many married people were also present, and all seemed to enjoy themselves. Those who wished to dance had a large room at their disposal, furnished with a stringed band, and those whose religious scruples prohibited their dancing, had another large room in which they could engage in plays of various kinds furnished with piano music, while others who wished to take no part in playing and dancing, had a large parlor in which they could enjoy a quiet “tete a tete,” and at nine or ten o’clcok refreshments in great abundance were served, and at about 12 o’clock the party broke up. Everything passed off very pleasantly, and all pronounced it grand.
  • On Tuesday morning the 24 inst. at 3 o’clock, the residence of Mrs. V. Hicks, of this place, was burned down; it was occupied at the time by Jas. L. Norman and wife, and D. H. Holmes and wife. Nearly everything was saved, and the building was insured for about what it was worth.
  • Mr. King, Supt. N. S. R. , gave his employees on our river two days holiday, allowed the steamer to come up Wednesday night and remain until Saturday morning. On Saturday, 28, inst., the Missionary Baptists held their last Union meeting, for the year, in this place. The meeting closed Sunday 30, and was well attended. The congregation would have been much larger but for the fact that the Rev. Mr. Wm. Pettigrew also held divine services at St. David’s church 1/2 mile from town the same day. We learn that his congregation was also quire large, and that he preached a most excellent sermon. Two young men were baptized at St. David’s church yesterday, Mr. Jno. J. Rowe of our place, and Mr. Claud Spruill of Tyrell county.
  • Claude V. L. Howell, who has been attending the Davis Military school at LaGrange, came home on Tuesday last to spend the Xmas holiday.
  • Mr. W. E. Hassell, of Chowan county, spent several days in our place as the guest of his brother, Dr. J. L. Hassell. He brought his colt over with him and gave us several exhibitions of his speed. The colt is 3 years old and moves up well and with a little more practice and age he will make a record of 2:40 or less.
  • We also notice in our place, Mr. J. E. Andrews who taught school near here two years ago. He is visiting Mr. Thos. B. Bateman.
  • Mr. Gilliam Sikes and W. D. Holman, who are residents of Middleton, [..], are also here visiting relatives and friends.
  • Mr. Nixon and lady, of Perquimans county, are visiting our place, and are the guests of Dr. Hardison, whose wife is a sister of Mr. Nixon.
  • Justice Howell had a case of assault and battery before him this morning, viz. Burton Craddock vs. G. F. Woodly. The defendant asked for a continuance, for want of an attorney, hence the case was continued until the 25th of January next.



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