Court Proceedings

Superior Court
October 25, 1889
Pg. 3

The Fall term of the Superior Court of Washington County convened at the Court House in this town on Monday October 21st at 10 o’clock, Judge Geo. H. Brown, presiding. The Judges charge to the Grand Jury was replete and delivered in a forcible and elegant speech of any minutes. The gentle, yet determined manner in which Judge Brown presides over the Court is worthy of praise and comment.

Solicicitor, J. H. Blount was in attendance ever watching the interest of the State. Mr. Blount has no superior in the State, as a prosecuting officer.

The visiting attorneys were: Hon. L. C. Latham, of Greenville; Hon W. D. Pruden and Hon. W. M. Bond, of Edenton, J.E. Moore, Esq., of Williamston, and Mr. Edmund Alexander, of Washington.

The State docket was disposed of by Wednesday night and the Grand Jury discharged. Several parties were sentenced to the State Prison for larceny. All business being disposed of the Court adjourned yesterday afternoon.



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