Hotel Stays – 20 Dec 1889

Hotel Arrivals
December 20, 1889
Pg. 3

The following named persons were registered at the Latham House during the past week:

  • B.W. Cobb
  • A. S. Brown
  • Sam. Cobs
  • C. H. Janey
  • W.C. Cooke
  • E. F. Cooper
  • C. F. Weyfourth
  • L. W. Fargo
  • T. C. Cox
  • J. F. Anderson
  • C. H. James and sister
  • G. H. Toavine
  • W. K. Gardner
  • J. L Sydnor
  • H. L. Durall
  • G. E. Crabtree
  • J. M. Fitzgerald
  • S. H. Marens
  • M. E. Mayer
  • A. H. Ashburn
  • J. H. Johnston
  • W. B. Jordan



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