Mackey’s Ferry – 20 Dec 1889

Mackey’s Ferry Letter
December 20, 1889
Pg. 2

(Dated Dec 16, 1889)
Mr. Editor: Yesterday (Sunday) was a day of changeable impressions to your humble writer. The first impression was the scene of the death as I beheld the lifeless body of the late widow of Dr. Lewis, but who was married to Mr. J. B. Vincent, of Murfreesboro, NC.. She departed this life on the 18th inst., after an illness of only four days. There was a large assemblage of relatives and friends gathered at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church at 10 o’clock Sunday morning to pay their last respect to their honored dead.

We are often reminded that we too must die by the repeated scenes of our friends passing away to a world unknown, one by one.

The second impression was preparitory to the first, made by the Rev. C. W. Robinson, in his sermon at Hebron Church, in which he set forth the unmistakable fact that man’s duty is to live a sermon more impressive than any that has or may be preached from the sacred desk. A man or woman full of the Holy Ghost and of faith is “an epistle read and known of all men.” Think not, dear reader, if perchance you belong to some denominational church simply, that you will live all your life or even a great part of it and men take you to be a christian. The Lord has said that “a tree is known by its fruit; a bad tree cannot bring forth good fruit, neither can a good tree bring forth corruptable fruit.” “By their fruit ye shall know them.” It was teh first time I have had the pleasure to hear him preach, and I think I may safely apply his text in my communication: “The son of consolation, a man full of the Holy Ghost and of faith.” Doubtless many will be added to the Christian church through his ministry. Truly his sermon was not a failure in no sense, for there were many cheeks bathed in tears and many hearts were exultant with joy as he rehearsed charitable circumstances that had come under his observation. Men full of the Holy Ghost going to and fro administering unto the necessity of the poor, is a sermon that will never spend its force this side of eternity, it will gather strength in every heart until at last when seated around the great white throne of God, beyond the possibilities of this life, it will take up its reward about the anthems of praise among the redeemed of heaven.



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