Beacon Flashes – 13 Dec 1889

Beacon Flashes
December 13, 1889
Pg. 3

  • Hines and Everett are building a machine shop near the A. & R. depot.
  • Rev. C. W. Robinson was absent from his church only one Sunday at Conference.
  • Mr. W. M. Whaley, of Norfolk, is in the city, the guest of his father, Mr. S. M. Whaley
  • B. J. Skilles is erecting a large two-story building on Water street to be used as a restaurant.
  • Dr. W. H. Ward who has been attending lectures in Baltimore for the past two weeks returned home yesterday.
  • Miss Cattie Boney, who has been visiting her brother, Capt. John Boney, has returned to her home in Duplin Roads.
  • Mrs. A. Barden, who has been on a visit of two weeks to her sister, Mrs. Wilson, at Greenville, returned home on Monday night.
  • Mr. C. V. W. Ausbon, who has been clerking for R. Schultz & Co. at E. City, returned home Saturday last, owing to ill health.
  • The Band was out serenading Monday and Wednesday nights. Prof. J. W. Piercy has charge now and the boys are getting better and better all the time.
  • A fine horse belonging to Mr. B. F. Owens had his leg broken by falling through a trestle on the A. & R. R. R. on Monday last, Mr. Owens will bring suit against the Road for damage.
  • A horse belonging to Messr. Davenport & Piercy ran away on Tuesday. It became frightened while standing at the R. N. & B. S. B. Co.’s wharf and ran up to water street, taking up that street towards Baynor’s livery stables, clearing the street as it went. No serious damage was done other than the total demolishing of the cart to which it was hitched.



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