Death of Prosper Armistead

Death of Prosper Armistead
December 6, 1889
Pg. 3

On Friday morning last, Nov 29th, after an illness of three days only, Prosper Armistead departed this life at his home near this town. The deceased was in his 59th year and has long been recognized from his association with so much of the old time history of Plymouth as one of its people for whom a deep, sincere and most friendly interest was cherished.

Prior to the war he was the body servant of Dr. Robert Armistead whom he faithfully and affectionately served until his death, receiving in return that kindly consideration which so often characterized the relationship of master and servant in the ante bellum days and which his honest devotion so justly merited. As the servant of him who writes this brief tribute to his memory he was equally faithful and sincere in every service, giving proof of his attachment especially in the critical period of the war by numberless deeds of sympathy and affection.

For years he has been the chief porter and caterer to the Latham House, of this city, where by his thorough honesty, polite and pleasant manners, and studied regard as well for the […] eats of his house as the comfort of its patrons he won and held the unwavering friendship and esteem of all.

Burial services were read over his remains at the colored cemetery near Plymouth Sunday evening last, in the presence of a very large gathering of both white and colored who had come to pay this last tribute of respect to his memory, and the many expressions of deep regret for his loss attested well how firm a hold he had upon the white people of Plymouth, as well as his own color, for a life that had given evidence of some high and commendable qualities.

Peace to his ashes, and for him who has gone away from us as one of the humble and lowly ones of this earth, may a home be given in the better world by the Heavenly Father of us all, where He shall forever claim him as one of His children.


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