Mistaken for a Bear

A Terrible Mistake
November 8, 1889

On returning from this town on Friday afternoon last, to his home in the country, Mr. Thos. Bembridge, an old gentleman, became tired of walking and sit down on the road side to rest. While sitting there some hunter, name unknown, came through the woods and seeing the gentleman, mistook him for a bear, and without waiting to further question his belief, fired a load of buck shot into the old man’s back. Then it was that he found his terrible mistake, that instead of shooting, as he supposed, a bear, he had emptied the contents of his gun into an innocent man.

Whether his bear story is true and will clear him of manslaughter or not is a question yet to be decided. Our sportsmen should be more particular in the future and not be so ready to fire until they are sure they know what the game is. At this writing the unfortunate man is alive, though suffering much from his wounds.



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