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A Pretty Marriage

From the Roanoke Beacon, 17 Feb 1899

As the dazzling reflection of the snow-covered earth grew dim by the sinking of the winters sun behind the Western hills at eventide on Wednesday, a large number of our people gathered within the M.E. Church to witness the marriage of Miss Addie May Latham, one of Plymouths’s most accomplished daughters, to Mr. P.W. Brinkley, one of our most popular young businessmen.

At the appointed hour the strains of the wedding march drifted out from the organ under the artistic touch of Mrs. G.W. Harney, and the bride entered the right aisle leaning on the arm of Mr. Clarence Latham, while the groom entered the left aisle accompanied by Mr. W.N. Cooper; they were preceded to the altar by the ushers, Mess. E.D. Carstarphen and R.P. Walker, who took positions on either side, while Rev. T.M. Plyler read the ceremony which made them man and wife.

The Beacon joins the many friends of this popular couple in extending best wishes and happy congratulations.


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New Design For the Index Site

Tonight I’ve updated the page design for the Roanoke Beacon Index site that compliments this blog.  Remember, on this blog I only post select content from all that I index.

I first put the site up in 2007 and since then, I’ve learned more about how to quickly update web page using CSS-based web templates.  So, I decided to update the site to reflect this and have chosen a design called Zenlike.

Next, I will be updating the template of the blog to match.  That will involve moving the blog so I can self-host it on my domain, so it will take me a few weeks to figure out the best migration strategy.  This would be my second move for this blog and I hate to confuse people, but I’m going to try to minimize the inconvenience.


Bay Briefs (10 Feb 1899)

From the Roanoke Beacon:

  • Mr. Ben Hassell left this week for Norfolk on Business
  • Capt. John Thomas made a busines trip to E. City last week.
  • Mr. Will McRoughton has been spending a few days with his parentsys with his parents at Bay.
  • Miss Minnie Owens, who has been the guest of her cousin, Miss Bertie Owens, for several weeks, returned to her home in Currituck, last week.
  • Our popular and charming young friend, Mr. Tommy L. Swain, gave us a pleasant call this week.  He comes over to teach one of our public schools, and we feel sure he will make a very successful teacher, as he is universally esteemed wherever he is known.
  • Essie Wynne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Wynne, departed this life at their home at Bay, Jan. 28th, after a long and painful illness, aged three years and six months.  She was a child of remarkable brightness, and was loved and petted by all who knew her.  The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Mr. Moses, and the remains were laid to rest in Albemarle cemetery on Monday at eleven.  The family have the sympathy of a large circle of friends.

Married in Haste

Roanoke Beacon – 20 Jun 1899

On Friday evening shortly after six o’clock, Mr. James COLLINS and Miss Hattie WILLIAMS of Roper, drove into our town and stopped at the residence of Mr. S.W. BEASLEY, announcing as they entered that they were going to be married.  A messenger soon returned with the license and Justice J.P. HILLIARD, and the ceremony was hurriedly performed making them man and wife.  

The bride is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.J. WILLIAMS, of Roper, and one of the acknowledged belles of Washington county.  The groom is one of the most popular of Washington county boys, and holds a responsbile position with the Roper Lumber Co., at Belhaven, to which place they returned on Saturday to make their future home.  

The Beacon extends happy congratulations and best wishes for future happiness.  While they were “married in haste,” may they never repent, even at leisure.

Skinnersville Scraps

Roanoke Beacon – 13 Jan 1899
Skinnersville Scraps (Jan 10)
  • Mr. Will CAHOON is at home from Gilmerton
  • Mr. Thomas MARRINER has moved to near Mackeys Ferry
  • Mr. Sam DAVENPORT and family have moved into our midst
  • Miss Fannie FOLEY spent a few days with relatives near Creswell
  • Mr.  Asa SNELL and family have moved to the the house of Mrs. NORMAN
  • Miss Queenie BRASWELL has returned to her home in Concord, N.C.
  • Mr. N.W. TARKENTON has accepted a position on the steamer Arm and Hammer
  • Mr. Johnny LEARY returned to Snowden after spending the holidays with his family
  • Miss Maggie SNELL of Scuppernong, was the guest of Mr. Mack SNELL’s family last week
  • Mr. W.D. ELLIOTT, who has a position in Newark, N.J. is at home visiting his parents
  • Mrs.  Mollie BROOKS, from Bath, was in our midst last week.  Her presence was a welcome surprise
  • Miss Hattie LUCAS leaves for Portsmouth, Va., where she will spend some time with her brother’s family
  • Miss Ellen M. NORMAN is visiting friends.  She and her mother will make their future home in Ayden, N.C.
  • Mr. Willie BLOUNT and family spent Old Xmas with his mother,  Mrs. N.J. HASSELL, returning home Monday.
  • Rev. D.A. BRASWELL filled his regular appointment at Rehobeth church Sunday morning.  He also preached at the school house on Holly Neck this afternoon. 
  • Mr. Raleigh Swain and family have moved to near Skinnersville office.  He has opened a work shop at Mr. George Wiley’s store, which will be quite a convenience to the community. 
  • The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. E.R. SPRUILL died at their house the night of the 3rd.  One sweet flower has drooped and laded, One sweet infant’s voice has fled; One fair brow the grave has shaded, One sweet darling now is dead. 

Commissioner’s Proceedings – 13 Jan 1899

Roanoke Beacon – 13 Jan 1899

At a special meeting of the Board of Commissioners of Washington county held January 2nd, the following preceedings were had:

P L PHELPS was appointed Surveyor to survey and plot a tract of land entered by J W PATRICK

It was ordered that Haywood GARDNER and L C MARRINER be allowed to list their taxes with the Sheriff and be released of double tax

It was ordered that the following persons be released of taxes for reasons: J M ALEXANDER, <…>;  Arthur BARDEN Estate wrongfully listed; Daniel W. CLIFTON, wrongfully listed

Ordered that the following persons be granted licesnes to retail spirituous liquors in quantities of five gallons or less:  

  • Plymouth township — A.C. GARRETT, L.S. LANDING, and L.B. BOWEN 
  • Lee’s Mills Township – L J PECOCK and Friley CHESSON
  • Skinnersville Township – Warren SEXTON
  • Scuppernong Township – G.D. SWAIN and C.C. DECORMIS

CHESSON, SEXON, and SWAIN were notified to appear before the Board on the 1st Monday in Feburary next to answer charges, show cause, etc.

Rogust P. BARNES, Constable elect, of Lee’s Mills Township, presented his bond in the sum of $500, with N.B. MIZELL as surety, which was approved, ordered recorded and filed. 

J M ARPS having been appointed Standard Keeper at a previous meeting presented his bond in the sum of $200, which was approved, ordered, recorded and filed. 

Claims amounting to $109.45 were allowed as follows:

  • W C HASSELL, supplies for poor house, jail, etc., $30
  • F M BUNCH, assistant warden to the poor for one month, $1
  • D O BRINKLEY one ton of coal delivered to te Court ouse, $6.30
  • J A HARRISON keeper of the poor house 1 month, making garments, $9.58
  • G W WHITE one cotton furnished for pauper at poor house, $4.00
  • W.H. HOWCUTT one day as Co. Commissioner and mileage, $2.27
  • Rufus SWAIN one day as Commissioner and warden to ppor, $15.20
  • Jno. L. PHELPS feeding jail prisoners and turn keys, $31.40
  • W R STEELEY Register of election in Skinnersville Township, $3.25
  • Jno J. ROWE Judge of election in Creswell Precinct, $3.00
  • J.W. ALDRIDGE Sheriff Pamlico county expense keeping J. RUFFIN, $3.35